Limited Edition Black T-Shirt

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TLDR: These are PRE-LOVED, PLANET-SAVING Shirts. There’s only 9 of them. Pay what you want. Read on below for more information!

If I’ve sold out of the size you want, can you please shoot me an email ( and let me know what size you want and when I get my next run of shirts done I’ll let you know and I’ll custom make one in your size!

Here’s the sizing of the remaining shirts I have:

1 x XS (V-neck)

3 x S (two unisex, one womens)

1 x M (V-neck)

This is my incredibly limited edition first ever t-shirt. Please read the preamble below because it’s pretty important…

I’ve thought about creating some merch for a couple of years now, but I’ve always been held back by the idea of creating some new useless junk that will go straight into landfill. A large part of my focus (and my emotional energy) has been put towards reducing my impact on the earth, and the idea of getting a couple of hundred shirts printed in China and shipped around the world just never made sense.

Then along came Friendly Printers. This small Melbourne business runs entirely on the premise of ‘upcycling’ other people’s discarded goods into ethical and sustainable products. Basically they take great second-hand stock (sourced from vintage clothes stores/donations/company B-stock etc) and print it with new logos. They’re absolute legends, dear friends of mine, and their ethos ties perfectly in to my own.

This is my first run of shirts with them. There’s NINE shirts. NINE. That’s it. No more, no less.

These shirts are fantastic. You know how you have a favourite shirt that you’ve worn every week for the last five years? This is that shirt. They’re pre-loved, but in pristine condition (trust me, I wouldn’t be selling you a shirt I wouldn’t be happy buying). They feel great. They look great. They are great for the planet.

And they have a smiley beardy logo I designed myself on the front (I actually traced around my beard to design it, so you know its legit). At first look you go ‘gosh that’s a big logo’, and then you realise that’s a good thing. It’s a powerful logo for a powerful name. People will stop you on the street and ask you about it. You’ll tell them to check out Fridays with Friends. They’ll come here to buy a shirt but of course it’ll be sold out by then cause I only made NINE (now I’m wondering if I should have printed some more…).

OK, let’s talk value. If I’m being honest, it’s incredibly hard to put a value on these shirts. So I’m leaving that up to you. It’s completely pay what you feel. I’ve just started work on a new album, so any profits I make from these shirts will go directly into funding that (paying my bandmates, studio fees, mixing, mastering, design costs etc), but I also understand that a lot of my fans have been hit pretty hard by COVID. So pay what you feel (please note there’s $10 shipping to Australia, $25 shipping anywhere else in the world).

Alrighty, if you’re still reading at this point you’re probably interested in a shirt (or you’re just a particularly avid reader). How do you get one? Scroll up to the top, put in the amount you’re willing to pay. When you get to checkout make sure you put in an ORDER NOTE with the size of shirt you want.

Most of all, thanks for supporting me!



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