On The Hopeful Clutter (Lyrics)

For posterity’s sake I figured it’s worth including the lyrics to this year’s EP The Hopeful Clutter as a blog post. Not because anyone seems particularly interested, but just cause.

If you’re interested in listening along, you can stream it here (I still have at least 50 physical CDs, so if you want to support me you can buy a copy too! No pressure).


You could be a wildfire, rolling down the plains,
I’ve felt these sparks before, but now I’m feeling flames, I’m burning up
Throw me to the flames and hold me in your arms,
I would fight the blaze, to find you where you are, oh simmer down.

Oh our love could be a wildfire, it’s burning out.

And if your love’s a fire, I’m going up in smoke,
There’s no ashes of this little heart you broke, I’ll blow away,
You heart is the wind, you’ll never settle down,
You sweep my love away, leave me with my doubts, you never stay

Oh our love could be a wildfire, it’s burning out.

You could be a candle, just the briefest passing phase,
You could be the sun that drifts in to my days, and lights me up,
Every fire burns out, and every lover dies,
You know I’d give it all to lose it in your eyes, oh burn for me.

Oh our love could be a wildfire, it’s burning out.

Sparrow Song

Sparrow land on your feet, find a place to sit and be,
This wind has never felt so icy,
Yes I’ll find my feet this time, branch to land that’s only mine,
Leave the broken earth below me.

Let me leave my sins, let the hopeful clutter in,
Never had a song to sing, a place to call my home,
Little bird on little wings, flying South to chase the spring,
Dreaming of the higher things, a place to call home.

Settle in against the wind, blowing all the storm clouds in,
The deepest darkest greying sky,
A night to bring the spirit home, another night to pass alone,
This storm is not a match for flight

The Sparrow never know itself, the sparrow never knows it…self.
The sparrow never knows itself, drag your psyche through it’s hell.

The wind will flatten houses, the storm will pull down trees,
And I will float away amongst the breeze,
Quiet as a broken whisper, shorter than a startled shout,
Never needed love to let these broken wings out.


Lucy works an empty bar, hoping that he’ll show his face,
Totters home alone, another night to waste, and I’m the one she calls when she gets home.
She tries to fight the cobwebs off, with meditation,
The gloom inside of her own creation, she says she’s better off alone.

Set the table with the bones buried in the garden,
Crumbling to dirt to dust to atoms made of carbon,
No I, cant buy, any more time.

It’s been weeks then months then years of daily distress,
Sell the family home and with it all the mess, suppress the thoughts of you
We’d love to slip away in sleep towards our deaths,
Every dream comes out the same a shrine to love and theft, closed eyes and think of you.

Lucy loses beauty sleep, blames it on a fear she’ll fall to freedom,
Chasing love or chasing wisdom,
No time left for the bones thrown down in anger, we wait for the answer.

Dog Days

Lose me in the house and let my spirits fall,
My skin is paper white, I blend into walls,
Store me in a cupboard with blankets till its cold,
Cover me in mothballs and let me grow old.
Hide me away.

Keep me on the shelf, you’re scared of being lonely,
Dust me off and wipe me down, once a year hold me,
Dog days of desire have faded to the past,
You know this summer body was never going to last,
Hide me away.

Just try to hide me away.

Drop me in a shoebox tucked beneath your bed,
Forget that I exist until I bring this to a head,
Pile up a life of feelings, burn them to keep warm,
Thrown on backyard bonfires, building up a storm.
Hide me away.

You can hide me in the winter, neglect me all through spring,
You know without the summer, this will never mean a thing,
Heart-broken and weary, you’re scared of dying alone,
Oh I love you but I’ll leave you if you’re better on your own.

All I Want

Buy a backyard porch, to fill your empty evenings
But spend your life instead at work, you promise me the same,
Born to kill my peace, this will never change,
Cover it in plants, you’ll forget to water,
Bone dead dry, you say you’re tired, the weeds are at your door,
All you wanted is, its not enough to live for.

All I want, stumble to the beat
All I need,
All I want, save your tax receipts,
All I need.

All the backyards lost, sucked into the ocean,
Our love is an Aztec temple, swallowed by the blue,
Flagellate this love, start again on you.

Suffocate your hopes, by snuffing out desire,
Flayed god will bring us peace, we never question why,
Build a tiny house, fill it up with shit,
You told me that you want this.

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